1. ATTN: Australians you can now pick up our 7” from Distort


  2. We made a new shirt design for our last Boston gig and for whatever shows we had booked after that unfortunately we had to cancel NDY last month and have been sitting on these for a while now and are sick of looking at them. We do not have any shows booked at the moment and I don’t think we have plans on playing any right now. So we have decided to put all remaining shirts up on bigcartel to move. please stop in and pick up a shirt or 2 they will be shipped promptly and will make a perfect Xmas gift.


  3. Our good friend Cam just put out a new Issue of his zine Chump Change and interviewed Violent Future along with Intent, Hired Goons, World War 4, True, Sabotage and Andrew Peden from Demolition about his art. This is one of the best zines to come out of Toronto in a while. if you have a couple bucks to spare pick up a copy! They are $2 each plus postage. email cambo_ramboakacharyk@hotmail.com for one.


  4. Due to some unforeseen circumstances Violent Future has to drop off the Kremlin show tonight. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to seeing us.


  5. We are starting to run low on copies of our s/t 7” on Slasher Records and I’m not sure if it will be re pressed. pick up a copy now when you still have the chance. http://violentfuture.bigcartel.com/

    If you have a distro and want 5+ copies please get in touch about rates. We are now handling all distro orders from Slasher.


  7. badteethzine:

    Violent Future taken from Bad Teeth - Americas // Chaos in Tejas 2013 flip photo zine.

    Pick up a copy here: http://badteethzine.bigcartel.com/

  8. Our Demo 7” is back in press..Painkiller found some extra covers and did a small second press of 50 copies. If you missed out the first time around grab em now!! Also grab the new OUT COLD LP and the Down But Not Out 7”!



  9. I finally got around to uploading the entire s/t 7” on Slasher Records up on bandcamp for those who want to listen to it.


    In other news the only show we have booked right now is for Not Dead Yet and will be Kremlin’s last gig. that’s on November 14th,2013 we also have a new 7” with 4 new songs in the works that we hope to have out early 2014 on Static Shock Records.

    We also still have copies for sale here. Distros get in touch with us though big cartel or bandcamp if you are interested in picking up a couple copies.


  10. These flyers just keep getting better.